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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ~Albus Dumbledore
My name is Madison, but you can call me Maddy.
I'm 18
Florida is where I call home, Lauderdale livin

The hard part about all of this is trying to rebuild yourself once more after you’ve been left in pieces so many times before.

You told me you cared, you called me yours and now I don’t even know what we are anymore? You never come around you don’t even call. So why the fuck am I still holding on? Why am I waiting for this boy who won’t respond, for a boy who I constantly seem to be thinking about but, seemingly enough I’m pretty sure I don’t even cross his not a little not at all. Not enough for him to tell me he misses me like he used too not enough for him to come by. Not a little not at all. And I miss it I miss every part of you, I miss the touch of our skin or how you would stare at me with those sweet eyes how you’d pull me toward you, how you’d kiss my neck and now you’re gone. Now I’m alone. And I miss you more than anything. You screwed me, you made me get attached and then you left, left me out in the cold and took pieces of me with you. I hope you miss me I hope there’s a reason you’ve been so distant, because I don’t wanna feel stupid for holding on.